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If you need some advice, send me a question! 

I'm pretty sure you won't like the answer. 


Hi, Trash.  

How do you balance creativity with quality of life/paying bills?  What is the tipping point where your need to be creatively expressive becomes “more important” to your being than being “rich?”


Hello Jski13! May I call you Jski13?

We live in a time and place where there is literally nothing more important than being rich. I say give up altogether on creativity – who needs it? Money is forever. Money is love. Money is buying elections and making sure your meat suit fits the alien overlords. Money is sex, money is doing whatever you want as long as it means someone gets hurt along the way. Money is buying a new body, a new face, a personality. 


Where does creativity come into play there? You want to express yourself? Buy an ad in The Times. Got money for that?


How do I balance creativity with the daily rigors of life? I don’t. I’m crypto, baby. I have coins sewn into my petticoats, the Sterns and Foster is a Goldman Sachs, and I’m living in the walls of Wall Street with Dalton Russell. We have one ham sandwich and no one is worried about watercolors.


You can be the revolution, man. Burn the banks to the ground. Start paying for your art supplies with shells and promises. Steal great ideas and distribute them to the morons. Be the Robin Hood we all need right now. Money is nothing to Marian, she just wants to get into your tights and hold your beneficence. Don’t let Wells Fargo and the Kardashians tell you how to live.


I hope this cleared some things up for you, Jski13. I appreciate you coming to me for the advice you so desperately need. I wish you the best being a poor creative with a soul intact. You know where to find me if you want some ham.


bye now,


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